1st Annual Quantified Self Global Conference May 28-29

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

This May: the first Quantified Self conference!

Join a bevy of self trackers this May at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, May 28-29.  

I’ll be at the conference as the official QS blogger. While the quantified madness is happening, I’ll be doing play-by-play at quantifiedself.com and on twitter.com/quantifiedself. When things quiet down, be sure to say hello – in person or @erigentry.


Quantified Self 2011 is a conference for users and tool makers interested in self-tracking systems. It will be a “working meeting” for the QS community (14 groups worldwide), where we will gather, inspire, and learn from each other as we share and collaborate on self-tracking projects. We will also explore the potential effects of self-tracking on ourselves and society.

If you are an advanced user, designer, tech inventor, entrepreneur, journalist, scientist, or health professional, please join us for a weekend of collaboration and inspiration!

Note: We have a firm limit of 400 attendees, and we expect to sell out, so make sure to grab your spot andregister today.

Most of the conference will be hands-on and interactive, with user-defined workshops on mood, data visualization, sleep, ethics, and anything else people want to see. We will also have the best speakers from QS Show&Tell meetups reprise or update their talks on the big stage, and a few amazing keynote speakers, including Quantified Self founders Kevin Kelly and Gary Wolf:




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