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Map of NASA Ames for QS Meetup

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Building 152, Room 171 (near intersection of Dailey and Girard Road), Moffett Field, CA

Maps now online at–  [OpenStreetMaps] and,-122.055879&spn=0.003724,0.007644&z=18&q=37.407984,-122.055746&gw=30 [Google Map Maker – needs to be reviewed]. Many thanks to Dan Dascalescu for putting them up!  



On my way to HealthFOO, coming from an FBI-DIYbio workshop in NYC

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Why are these worlds colliding? For the sake of quick explanation, I’ll chalk it up to the goodness of decentralization.

Bio is moving into homes (garages, kitchens…), where it was previously housed in institutional – academic, pharma, biotech – labs, mainly due the high cost of infrastructure. Regulatory agencies, like the FBI, must keep tabs on innovations in biotech, so invited DIYbio reps to come together with agents in NYC to engage in a dialog about community labs, amateur bio, safety…. and security (the difference was impressed upon us – a good thing!).

HealthFOO is another sign of (possible) decentralization. O’Reilly Media, best known for its technical books and advocacy for open source, may not seem like the natural sponsor of an event engaged in innovating healthcare, but when viewed against the landscape of consumers becoming more engaged and more empowered in healthcare, and technologies supporting rapid-response apps and self(health)-tracking gear, it makes sense that the media giant and bellweather of trends would be putting the effective FOO formula in place for changes in healthcare. (Another good thing!)

It’s surreal to see these changes in the world, when I can take the time to step back and think. Right now, I’m out of time. Have to get on the bus to Boston!

Edit: Adding the BioCurious to FBI(o) preso