Map of NASA Ames for QS Meetup

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Building 152, Room 171 (near intersection of Dailey and Girard Road), Moffett Field, CA

Maps now online at–  [OpenStreetMaps] and,-122.055879&spn=0.003724,0.007644&z=18&q=37.407984,-122.055746&gw=30 [Google Map Maker – needs to be reviewed]. Many thanks to Dan Dascalescu for putting them up!  



3 comments on “Map of NASA Ames for QS Meetup

  1. Dan Dascalescu says:

    Thanks for that map! I’ve added building 152 (and some buildings around it) to OpenStreetMaps and Google Map Maker, in case we’ll have other meetups there.– (already public),-122.055879&spn=0.003724,0.007644&z=18&q=37.407984,-122.055746&gw=30 (needs to be reviewed)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! Thanks, Dan. I’ve updated the post with links to the maps you created.

  3. Dan Dascalescu says:

    Live on Google Maps now!Posterous keeps thinking this is spam so I’ll have to obfuscate the link.mapsDOTgooglecom SLASH ?ll=37.407273,-122.056346&spn=0.00355,0.006566&z=18

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