Just for fun. A timeline of my celebrity crushes.

Thursday, October 25th, 2012
Starting from the age of 5. Michael J. Fox (in 1988), the only boy-man I ever wrote a fan letter to. I’m not sure I knew what a crush was but thought I was supposed to have one…hence:


1996+: Jakob Dylan. A gravelly, pained voice that gets to me.


1997: Stephen Tyler. Saw this big-mouthed man sing for the first time one night in 9th grade. The performance was mesmerizing. 


Jude Law: Pretty boy.


2000+: Russell Crowe. What a man. Though I might have been fooled by the gladiator aspect. I’ve often thought the ideal man would be a proprietary splicing between his characters in Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind. Strength and Honor. Brilliance and Insanity. What’s not to like?


Johnny Rzeznik. So much love then. Funny, looking back, he reminds me of Fergie.




2000 and forever: Rivers Cuomo. We are one.


Honorable mention: Zachary Quinto. Being continually cast as a man with superpowers and existential crises, of course he had to make the list.  



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