– Simple Photo Bio Reactor Array V.2 – Overview

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Reading about photobioreactors and the BioMONSTAAAR project


Simple Photo Bio Reactor Array V.2

This project is the second version of the basic photo bio reactor array that I started with. While it may look similar to the previous version is dramatically different overall. This design has many improvements that make it far more sustainable and practical for long-term use. I really focused on making it highly modular and insuring it was rugged for prolonged outdoor use that is easier to fill and harvest from. While the array is smaller for this project it can be scaled to any size or requirement.

contributing author:
total project cost:
project difficulty:
total construction time:

geek score: 9.75/10

Jared Bouck
$100 USD
4.0 Hours
Ahhh… V2 Goodness
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