The kindness of strangers

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

manual labor can suck

manual labor, during which strangers unexpectedly help in small yet bigs ways, can be awesome

Today was an awesome day. I went to look at an armoire for the lab that was listed for free. I’d only short and practical emails with the owner before going over on a Saturday morning

I was sleepy and it was sprinkling. Yeek

After a false start – I actually forgot tools (left them by the front door)! – the owner offered a screwdriver and a drill. After a second false start trying to dismantle a non ikea piece of furniture, she decided she had time to help move the furniture, fully assembled, with her truck, to four cities away

She was also trying to clean out her garage, gifting the lab with a sewing machine and table and meee with the below: a gold encrusted wine and goblet set from Venice, a mid century coffee set and several silver platters. I feel like the little princess after the monkey and that turbaned guy working for her injured dad decorated her prisony attic. In other words, sometimes life is tough but incredible moments and people come along that make you feel so grateful


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