Selected list of talks, articles, and appearances

Moderated: Makers of a Health Aware World, featuring Vivienne Ming (Socos), Raph D’Amico (Jawbone), and Ash Eldritch (VitalMedicals), IFTF’s Health Aware World conference, November 2014

Techonomy 2014, Innovating Our Selves, speaking alongside Carlos Olguien (Autodesk) and Drew Purves (Microsoft Research), moderated by Marcus Wohlsen (WIRED). Resulting articles:

Moderated: Makers & Technology: The Foundation for Open Cities, featuring Nick Pinkston (Plethora), Ashley Meyers (Code for America), Marc Roth (The Learning Shelter), and Ben Bateman (Indiegogo), IFTF’s Open Cities conference, October 2014

PBS News Hour, Biohacking article and nationally televised video, September 2014

As Fitbits for Feelings Emerge, Whither Empathy?, my article written for Techonomy, also published in Forbes, Huffington Post, Empathy Era, and FutureNow, May 2014

Shenzhen Maker Faire, April 2014

People, Companies, and Trends: Techonomy’s 2013 Top Ten. Named #6 in the Top Ten list for 2013, right after “The Internet of Everything.”

From Homebrew Computers to Biohacking: Innovators of Two Generations, Techonomy & Forbes article covering a panel with Stewart Brand and me, moderated by Andrew Hessel, November 2013

White House Champions of Change event, June 2013. Named a Champion of Change in Citizen Science and wrote a piece for the White House blog

Health Technology Forum: Biohacking, QS, and Life Extension: The Future of Health Technology, May 30th, 2013

Quantified Self Global: Health&Medicine Plenary, May 11th, 2013, Frontiers in Self-Tracking. Slides

TEDxBrussels, November 14, 2012, The Great Convergence (not my choice of title)

TEDxKids: FrankenKids, November 11, 2012, FrankenFoods! Kitchen Chemistry Hands-on

International Women’s Forum World Leadership Conference: Ideas Remaking the World, October 26, 2012, Citizen Scientists: Changing Prospects…Saving Lives 

TopCoder Innovation Summit, October 2, 2012, The Emerging Era of the Quantified Self: Nifty Niche or Disruptive Next? 

Quantified Self Conference, September 15, 2012

IFTF: Health Horizons, June 14, 2012, Information Ecosystems: Amplified Roles, Contexts and Self-Care

DoD Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology Conference, November 14, 2011, An Introduction to Do-It-Yourself Biology. Site

OSCON, July 28, 2011 Keynote, Citizen Science Track, Garage Biology: Because we can, because we have to. Video and Slides

FBI-DIYbio Conference, July 2011

TEDxSoMa, June 18, 2011 Social Med. Video and Slides

Maker Faire: Bay Area, May 2011

Leonardo-LASER at UCSF, March 2011

Maker Faire: Bay Area, May 2010

MAKE W+K, March 2010

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